Cathy is recognised by all major UK and International medical insurers, except AXA with whom she does not have an agreement.

If you have private medical insurance and we have a direct billing agreement with them, we can invoice your insurance company directly. If you are self-funded, we will invoice you directly, and expect settlement on the day of your visit. Most commonly charged fees are as follows:

Consultation £275
(Remote consultation £250)
Antenatal consultation £400
Follow-up consultation £225
(Remote follow-up consultation £200)
Ultrasound scan £175
Copper coil insertion £485
(includes consultation, insertion procedure and coil)
Mirena/Jaydess coil insertion £585
(includes consultation, insertion procedure and coil)

Other fees are available on request. You will remain liable for any fees should your insurer refuse to provide cover.

Should you need an operation and are self-funded, The Portland Hospital offers fixed-price packages, and Cathy and her anaesthetist are able to provide a quotation to carry out the operation; this allows you to cost any surgical treatment you may require.